Hawk Kite Bird control Leinster, Louth, Meath, Dublin, Wicklow

The Peregrine Pro Hawk Kite is a proven, cost effective tool for bird control.

Highly effective and humane control of:

    • Seagulls, Pigeons and Crows

The Peregrine Hawk Kite also works for:

  • Cormorants, Sparrows, Herons, Geese and Rooks!

The only known bird the kite is not effective on is are swallows and other small birds.

For long term control, easy access to the kite is essential for maintenance and removing in the event of high winds etc.

Peregrine Pro Hawk Kite Features Include:

  • 7 metre (glass fibre) and 13 metre (aluminium) combination kits.
  • Highly detailed and realistic hawk mimic.
  • Swoops, dives like a real hawk/falcon.
  • Launches and re-launches in the slightest wind.
  • Works in winds from 2mph up to 25 mph.
  • Exploits bird pests’ instinctive fear of hawks and peregrine falcons.
  • Does not hurt the birds.
  • Very effective and silent.
  • Easy set up and no running costs.
  • Lightweight carbon-fibre and rip-stop kite.
  • Hawk-Kite is hand made.
  • €10 shipping, nationwide delivery.
  • No hidden costs.

Contact EPC on Freephone: 1800-377 377 for further details.


If installed correctly is probably the only method of bird control that is 100% effective. You can net a small balcony to stop pigeon from flying in and fouling the area, all the way up to warehouses and roofs.

Different net sizes are available from 19mm for small birds up to 50mm for larger birds like pigeons and seagulls.

The netting is UV treated and can last for 25 + years.

It is a proven humane approach to bird control.


Spikes are commonly used to prevent pigeons from roosting on pipes, girders, window ledges, around chimney pots and bottom of chimney stack at roof etc. We use Avipoint stainless steel spikes as they are very discreet and effective.


All birds are protected.

As a last resort – a cull can be carried out. In some cases a derogation may be required.

This is sometimes the only option when other methods are not practical for whatever reason. A cull may be a one off job or part of a program where it is carried out on a regular basis like once per quarter. Cull are usually managed outside of normal business hours so as not to distress people working in the area.

Other methods:

Bird control can take many forms. Over the years it has been found that a combination of several methods can give very good results.

Other methods available range from Laser deterrents (effective but expensive), distress calls, Spring loaded Bird wire systems, Electric wire shock systems, various reflective or iridescent spinners. All of these systems mentioned above are effective, but often times location and cost are the main determining factors.

For further information on any of these systems please call or talk to one of our experts

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