Commercial Contracts


  • Rodent Control
  • Flying and Crawling Insect Control
  • Bird Control, including Hawk Kites, Netting & Spikes

Rodent Control

Our technicians will call to your premises and complete a free survey and risk assessment from which they will be able to tell what level of service you require. We can also tailor our services to suit your particular needs. We use no toxic bait and traps wherever we can, so as to protect the environment as much as possible.Along with standard rodent control services we can offer a wireless Traptec monitoring system, where an alert is sent, via email and text when rodent activity is detected and our Technician will then call.

All our business contracts fully comply with the new DAFM (Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine) requirements for, Environmental Health Officers, Department of Agriculture, TASCC, HACCP, FEMAS, BRC Global Standard for Food Safety, Food Safety Authority of Ireland, and other industry inspectors including multi-nationals, supermarket chains, etc

Insect & Wasp Control

Wasps and other insects are most active in the summer months. However you can still get problems throughout the year. This is why it is important to use a professional company like Eastern Pest Control as we have been dealing with all types of insects and have a vast experience of what is required to bring problem infestations under control and help eliminate them completely.

Bird Control

Birds are a major problem around the city and other areas. Everything from an annoyance factor in businesses to children being attacked to take their food right the way to damage being caused on roofs and other areas.

We at Eastern Pest Control have specialised in this area covering everything from netting, spikes, hawk kites to culls. So if you have any problems we can certainly help.

PVC Curtains

Available in

  • Clear or Coloured PVC

Fly Screen Windows & Doors

This fly screen window consists of a rectangular aluminium frame enclosed with a mesh.

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