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House Calls Rodent

When Mice, Rats or any type of Insects manage to gain entry to your home it can be extremely annoying and stressful they may lead to serious health risks to adults, children and pets and can do substantial damage to your property. When your house or apartment is under attack -Eastern Pest Control are licensed to kill and are here to bring your pest problems to an end.

Insect & Wasp Control

Wasps and other insects are most active in the summer months. However you can still get problems throughout the year. This is why it is important to use a professional company like Eastern Pest Control as we have been dealing with all types of insects and have a vast experience of what is required to bring problem infestations under control and help eliminate them completely.

Bird Control

The Peregrine Pro Hawk Kite is a proven, cost effective tool for bird control.

Fly Screen Windows & Doors

This fly screen window consists of a rectangular aluminium frame enclosed with a mesh.

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