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Ants General Information and Extermination

Ants are pests that can cause economic damage and health problems.

Most ant species do not cause harm to humans, and some are even beneficial to the environment, for their essential pollinator role, seed disperser, and predator of other pests.

However, some species affect humans in different ways by contaminating food or surgical instruments in hospitals by nesting on grass or other structures such as small gardens, plant roots, tree trunks or decks, feeding on fruits or plants and especially by invading our houses to “steal” food.

There are numerous types of ants e.g., Common ant or Black Garden ant, Pharaoh’s ant, Red ant, Argentine ant.

The Black Garden ant is the most cause for concern as it commonly enters houses. These ants nests are typically found in soil but may be under paving stones and concrete.

From January on wards, these little garden ants start creating issues indoors, but their presence becomes more noticeable as the summer months approach. Black ants are attracted to sugary foods which they transport back to their nest.

Signs of an Ant Infestation

Living ants – if you see a large number of ants, you are likely to have an ant problem at hand. If the place you see them is in your kitchen or in areas where you store or prepare food, then it becomes urgent getting rid of the ants and control the infestation.

Ant Trails – Ant activity that goes in and out of your facility. Some types of ants can attach a pheromone trail to a food source. From there, this chemical then attracts other ants to locate the food.

Ant Nest – An ant nest can look like a small pile of dirt or soil. Some species of ants like to make their colony in walls or other dark and quiet places that are harder to find.

An ant infestation in your house or your place of business can be a real nuisance.

Eastern Pest Control are well aware of the stress and cost this causes and we can offer the highest standard and most cost-effective ant control solution available – usually the same day!

EPC provides:

  • Excellent 24 Hour Service
  • One-off service calls or contracts of various duration
  • Competitive Rates
  • Professionally trained technicians
  • Unmarked vehicles

Treatment Procedure

The treatment usually involves placing bait/traps in strategic locations to bring the problem under control, the technician will also advise on how best to rodent-proof the premises to curtail any future unwanted callers. One or two visits are usually sufficient but a number of follow-up calls may be necessary when a significant infestation is found-sometimes an on-going programme of control is recommended.

What Happens Next?

  1. Your name, address and contact number will be passed on to the technician and an appointment will be made with you.
  2. A qualified technician will call to the premises and carry out a Risk Assessment survey to determine exactly what we are dealing with and extent of the problem.
  3. Based on the results of the survey the technician will then carry out the treatment procedure and make recommendations for future proofing.
  4. Everything is agreed with the client before any work commences.

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