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Wasps General Information

Wasps are most active in the summer months, and if you disturb them or they feel threatened, they can be aggressive.

Wasps build their nest from saliva mixed with dried timber and chewed bark which results in a beige/light grey colour construction with a papery like appearance.

Wasp nests may be suspended from trees, nest boxes, rafters in attic spaces, garden sheds, cavity walls, and are sometimes formed underground.

Wasps can cause alarm when present in large numbers and if the nest is in a place where they could interfere with humans.

An infestation of wasps can be easily identified by the presence of nests and swarms.

Signs of Wasp Nests

If you see a high number of wasps in your garden or home, there’s likely to be a nest close by, either on yours or your neighbour’s property.

Wasp stings aside from being extremely painful can cause allergic or toxic manifestations.

If the person is allergic to wasp venom, an anaphylactic shock from a sting can result in severe and also potentially fatal swelling.

For that reason, a wasp nest built close to people is always a cause for great concern.

A mature nest in summer can contain thousands of wasps, and if you disturb it, you may provoke the ones that are inside to attack, as a way of defence.

You should never try to treat a wasp nest and getting rid of wasps by yourself if you are sensitive to stings.

To avoid unnecessary risks, it is best to request a professional treatment for the nest removal. If you find a nest in any place of your residence or near areas, ask for professional help.

Eastern Pest Control are well aware of the stress and cost this causes and we can offer the highest standard and most cost-effective solution available – usually the same day!

EPC provides:

  • Excellent 24 Hour Service
  • One-off service calls or contracts of various duration
  • Competitive Rates
  • Professionally trained technicians
  • Unmarked vehicles

Treatment Procedure

The treatment usually involves placing bait/traps in strategic locations to bring the problem under control, the technician will also advise on how best to rodent-proof the premises to curtail any future unwanted callers. One or two visits are usually sufficient but a number of follow-up calls may be necessary when a significant infestation is found-sometimes an on-going programme of control is recommended.

What Happens Next?

  1. Your name, address and contact number will be passed on to the technician and an appointment will be made with you.
  2. A qualified technician will call to the premises and carry out a Risk Assessment survey to determine exactly what we are dealing with and extent of the problem.
  3. Based on the results of the survey the technician will then carry out the treatment procedure and make recommendations for future proofing.
  4. Everything is agreed with the client before any work commences.

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